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Japanese professional dominatrix

Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my web page.

At an early age I began experimenting sexually, encouraging bondage games with other students, exploring restrictive fashion and heavy rubber.

As I got older I learned that there were many kinds of fetishists in the world and that I had my own unique fetishes.
As I came to understand “Fetishism” more, I was fascinated by its depth and limitless potential. Fashion, impact, stimulation, extreme immobilization, power exchange. I set out to explore the world of fetishism, from benign to bizarre.
I have been delighted to be able to give pleasure to people with the same or similar fetishes through BDSM and fetish play.
Through my experiences as a professional dominatrix I have found the charm in the newer and freer BDSM that is not available in a conventional Mistress-slave relationship or sessions.
In recent years I’ve seen not only clients in Japan, but also clients from all over the world. They come to me to explore the edges of their desire.
I would like to continue providing pleasures to the fetishists around the world, guiding them to release the potential of their secret selves.

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