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Mummification is the tightest and most full encompassing bondage possible.

Mummification is extremely relaxing, and causes the release of serotonin in the brain,

resulting in most people falling into a blissful sleep while inside.

While most mummification is done with plastic wrap and tape, I am also able to use many other materials, such as vet wrap, making mummification accessible to even the most novice of bondage enthusiasts.

When it comes to mummification, safety is my number one concern.

For first timers, I recommend only mummifying up to the neck, as keeping the head and face open is an excellent way to acclimate your body to the brand new sensations you will experience.

My style of wrapping is very meticulous, ensuring that you will not be able to escape and that you will feel more pleasure from my mummification than any other.      

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